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Per Person
  • 4 Days / 3 Night
  • Max People : 15
  • Cappadocia , Ephesus

Cappadocia Pamukkale Ephesus Tour

This package can also be arranged with additional flight in between Izmir and Cappadocia with additional cost. Direct flights operate on particular dates of the week. Please kindly inform our sales team with 1-2 days flexibility if possible.

Each of these destinations—Cappadocia, Pamukkale, and Ephesus—holds immense importance in Turkey’s cultural and historical heritage. They offer travelers a chance to explore ancient civilizations, marvel at natural wonders, and immerse themselves in unique landscapes that showcase Turkey’s diverse and rich history. Whether you’re interested in archaeology, natural beauty, or cultural experiences, these sites provide a wealth of experiences that highlight Turkey’s unique position at the crossroads of civilizations.


Cappadocia, located in central Turkey, is renowned for its otherworldly landscapes characterized by fairy chimneys, cone-shaped rock formations, and cave dwellings. Here’s why Cappadocia is important:

  1. Historical Significance: Cappadocia has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was an important region during the Byzantine period, with numerous rock-cut churches, monasteries, and underground cities carved into the soft volcanic rock by early Christians.

  2. Unique Geological Formations: The surreal landscape of Cappadocia is formed by volcanic eruptions and erosion over millions of years. Visitors can explore valleys such as Göreme, Love Valley, and Rose Valley, famous for their fairy chimneys and hiking trails.

  3. Hot Air Balloon Rides: Cappadocia is one of the best places in the world for hot air balloon rides. Floating above the picturesque valleys during sunrise or sunset offers breathtaking views of the unique landscape, making it a bucket-list experience for many travelers.

  4. Cultural Heritage: The region’s cultural heritage is preserved through its architecture, handicrafts, and traditional festivals. Visitors can experience Turkish hospitality in cave hotels, taste local cuisine, and attend cultural performances.


Pamukkale, meaning “Cotton Castle” in Turkish, is famous for its natural thermal springs and terraces of carbonate minerals. Here’s why Pamukkale is important:

  1. Natural Wonder: Pamukkale’s terraces are formed by the flow of mineral-rich thermal waters cascading down the hillside, creating a visually stunning landscape of white travertine pools and terraces.

  2. Ancient Hierapolis: Adjacent to Pamukkale is the ancient city of Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded in the 2nd century BC, Hierapolis features well-preserved ruins including a theater, temples, necropolis, and Roman baths.

  3. Healing Properties: The thermal waters of Pamukkale are believed to have healing properties due to their mineral content. Visitors can bathe in the thermal pools and experience the rejuvenating effects of the natural springs.

  4. Cultural and Historical Context: Pamukkale and Hierapolis offer insights into ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, showcasing their architectural and engineering achievements in an impressive natural setting.


Ephesus, located near the modern town of Selçuk in western Turkey, was an ancient Greek city and later a major Roman city. Here’s why Ephesus is important:

  1. Historical Significance: Ephesus was one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire and an important center of trade, culture, and spirituality. It is known for its well-preserved ancient ruins, including the Library of Celsus, the Great Theater, and the Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World).

  2. Biblical Connections: Ephesus is mentioned several times in the Bible, particularly in the New Testament, as the site of important events related to early Christianity, including visits by St. Paul and the Virgin Mary.

  3. Archaeological Site: The archaeological site of Ephesus provides a glimpse into daily life in ancient times, with its marble streets, public buildings, private houses, and intricate mosaics.

  4. Cultural Heritage: Ephesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts visitors from around the world who come to explore its historical and cultural significance, as well as its architectural marvels.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Day 1-Flight to Cappadocia and North Tour of Cappadocia
  • Day 2-Balloon Tour and Underground City Tour/Bus to Pamukkale 
  • Day 3-Pamukkale and Hierapolis Antic City Tour/ Travel to Kusadasi
  • Day 4-Tour of Ephesus and House of Mother Mary/Flight to Istanbul

Included and Excluded

  • Domestic Flight Tickets in Economy Class
  • Night Bus Ticket to Pamukkale
  • Hotels with Breakfast in central locations
  • Day Trips in Small Groups with Local Guides
  • 4 Lunch 3 Breakfast
  • Entrance Fees to Museums during guided day trips
  • Airport/Hotel/ Bus Terminal Transfers
  • All Applicable Local Taxes
  • International Tickets
  • Visa for Turkey
  • Drinks during Lunch
  • Personal Expenses and Extras

Detailed Tour Itinerary

Early in the morning, transfer to airport at 04h00 and board a scheduled flight to Cappadocia at 06h30-07h00. Upon your arrival in Cappadocia, our driver will be waiting for you at the exit with a paper writing your name and transfer to the region. Welcome to the holy land of Hittites! We will release our luggages to our office in Goreme and we will pick them up at the end of the tour before we continue to our hotel in Goreme in the evening. Commence the day trip to explore this colorful and pictoral terrain along with our guides’ epic narrations. We will admire the excessive beauty of nature and architecture of the ancients in Monks’s Valley, Devrent embodied with incredible landscape full of interesting shapes. Continue to Avanos(ancient Vanessa) for joining a traditional kick-wheel demonstration of clay pottery. Lunch in a restaurant and visit official Goreme open air museum. We will bring the day to end by sipping our Turkish tea overlooking the valley of Cappadocia from a hilltop. Drop off the hotel. Free evening and dinner on your own. Hotels are located in the heart of Goreme so you can easily find a restaurant at your sweet will. Try to sleep early tonight because we will have to wake you up early in the morning again. Overnight in Goreme. Meals:Box Breakfast & Lunch

  • Flight to Cappadocia
  • Full Day Tour of North Cappadocia
  • Overnight Stay in Legendary Cave Hotels

Even though you do not like waking up early in the morning, participating a hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia early would definitely change your mind from now on. Observe the landscape of Cappadocia with a bird’s eye view and let the cool breeze of the morning refresh you. Return back to hotel with unforgettable scenery of a fairytale. Breakfast and freshen up and departure to the second day tour of Cappadocia with our guide in small group. Explore and Witness the lifestyle of human race a few thousands years ago in an underground city and take some pictures while you hike in some beautiful red or rose valley of Cappadocia. At the end of the day, transfer to local bus terminal and board the public bus to Pamukkale. You will spend night onboard with seat-in-couch with reclining seats just like domestic flights. During the night journey, you will be stopping one or two times for personal needs.  Meals:Breakfast and Lunch

  • Optional Hot Air Balloon Tour ( 250 Euros per person)
  • Tour of Underground City
  • Hiking in Valleys
  • Night Bus Travel to Pamukkale

Upon your arrival early in the morning, you will be picked up and transferred to a local 2-3 star hotel where you will only spend a few hours to have some rest and breakfast after a bit long night journey to recharge your batteries before we get going to explore this natural historical phenomenal tourist spot of Turkey. Ready to go yet another otherworldly natural wonder of Turkey, Pamukkale. When you see first, you can say this is something like looking a mountain of fluffy white lime in the middle of a serene valley with full of greens. We will commence our exploration from Necropolis(means city of dead in Greek) with its more than 1.200 graves at present. Despite the Hierapolis was not that much but most of the high social class people used to come for hot springs and spent their last days here and buried here which was a kind of fashion in those days. Here we will get to know 4 different type of graves. Continue Hierapolis and visit this stunning ancient Hellenistic and Roman City with its remnants which was renovated several times due to the earthquakes. You will also have a chance to  swim in legendary pool of Cleopatra during your free time by paying your own way. Continue down the road and take off our shoes. Its time to walk barefoot on healing white travertines that gives the feeling of stepping on pumice stones. Our descent will end up near the town of Pamukkale and will have our lunch in a restaurant. Continue to Kusadasi by driving almost 4 hours. Arrive in our hotel and checkin. Free time and overnight in Kusadasi (Port town of Ephesus). Meals:Breakfast and Lunch

  • Rest in a local hotel for a few hours and Breakfast
  • Sip your toes to healing waters of Pamukkale and Hierapolis
  • Take Phenomenal Photos in White Terraces
  • Swim in Cleopatra Antique Pool ( Additional cost applies )

After breakfast, pick up from the hotel and start the day trip in ruins of Ephesus. Imagine a place that has so much to offer from the ancient history. Ephesus allowing thousands years of architectural monuments that has been carefully preserved and maintained. Some restored relics still displays historical power and majesty. The ancient roman capital of Asia Minor, the Ephesus whom we can call as the Pompeii of Turkey. Because many civilisations lived here and fell into oblivion until it was rediscovered by archaeologists in the late 1800s. Visit major highlights and ruins like Temple of Hadrian, Library of Celsus which is considered as the most important image that looks like temple more than a library. Theatre with the capacity of almost 24.000 people during its time. If you would like to have a general idea of the site and how big is the theatre, you can climb up the stairs and admire the landscape and city’s magnitude with a bird’s eye view. Also visit House of Mother Mary, believed spent her last days having been brought here by St. John from the Jerusalem that is located on a hill near Ephesus, still has an important role in the history of humanity.On the way back to our hotel we will stop by the Basilica of St. John that was built on his tomb. At the end of the day, transfer to Izmir airport for your flight to Istanbul. End of our services. Note: If you would like to continue to any Greek Islands cruise that departs from Kusadasi or combine your Turkey trip with any Greek Islands with a flight, please kindly ask for help from our sales team to make the most of your time and match your following holiday plannings. Meals:Breakfast and Lunch

  • Wake up in an Aegean Town Kusadasi
  • Enjoy a Short Walk by the Sea
  • Explore the Legendary Ephesus with Your Guide
  • Flight Back to Istanbul in the Evening

Frequently Asked & Question

Please kindly send the enquiry form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in the program. Our team will be in touch with you less than 6 hours by email with complete itinerary details along with exact hotel names. Once you come to mutual agreement with our sales team, 30% of total payment of the package will be collected at time of booking by secure online payment gateway that our sales team will send through by email. Balance should be paid in Istanbul minimum one day before your departure by visiting our physical office which is located next to Hagia Sophia Museum in Sultanahmet or online payment link again.

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