Camlica Tower in Istanbul

Camlica has been one of the most beautiful spots where you can watch Istanbul tours for years. But now, with the “Camlica Tower“, the size of it has changed a bit. You can have a panoramic view of Istanbul from a height of 587 meters. Everyone who heard this, of course, set out to visit the Camlica Tower in Istanbul as soon as it opened.

camlica tower istanbul

How to get to the Camlica Tower, the newest and most iconic member of the Istanbul city skyline, what to do… How much is the entrance fee to Camlica Tower, what are the visiting hours? I will answer many questions such as:

How many floors does the Camlica Tower have, how many meters? We will talk about architectural details such as the Camlica Tower and the restaurant of the Camlica Tower, of course, let my magnificent Camlica Tower travel guide begin!

How to Go to Camlica Tower?
There are not many resources for those going to Camlica Tower because it is a brand new tower. Of course, those who have travelled to Istanbul in previous years may state “We know how to go to Camlica”, but I will briefly talk about going to Camlica Tower by public transport or car instead of yellow caps.

Good news for those who say they will go to Camlica Tower by public transport, away from traffic! Camlica Tower is located in the middle of a triangle between Kisikli and Bulgurlu stations of M5 Uskudar-Cekmekoy metro and Acibadem stations of Metrobus. In other words, you can reach Camlica Tower either by Metrobus or by Underground Metro.

How to get to Camlica Tower by Underground Metro or Metrobus: I think Metrobus is the best option! After getting off at the Acibadem station of the Metrobus, you only have a 10-15 minute walk. You can already see the direct signs. Those who will come by metro should take the M5 Uskudar-Cekmekoy metro and get off at Kisikli or Bulgurlu. The walk on this route is about 1.5 km, but I must say that it will be accompanied by a pleasant view.

Camlica Tower Visit Information
Now let’s move on to the Camlica Tower travel guide part; First of all, there are two viewing terraces that you can visit in the Camlica tower; Observation Terrace 1 (33rd Floor) and Observation Terrace 2 (34th Floor). Apart from this, there are two Camlica Tower restaurants; Restaurant 1 (39th floor) and Restaurant 2 (40th floor).

As I will talk about later, if you want to go to the restaurant floor of Camlica Tower, you need to make an appointment at the Camlica Tower restaurants in advance. Not allowed without reservation in advance.

If your aim is to go to the viewing terrace of Camlica Tower, you can go directly to the tower entrance and get your ticket from reception. When is Camlica Tower Open?

Camlica Tower is open six days a week, except Sundays. You can visit Camlica Tower between 10 am and 21 pm on weekdays, and 10 am and 21 pm on Saturdays. In fact, it would be enjoyable to watch the night lights of Istanbul from the observation terrace of the tower. 

Architectural Features of Camlica Tower
Now let’s come to the architectural features of the Camlica Tower;

Camlica Tower is exactly 369 meters high.
Camlica Tower is a 49-storey reinforced concrete structure.
When the Kucuk Camlica Hill, on which it is located, is 200 meters above the ground, Camlica Tower is 587 meters above sea level in total
It is equipped with the technology to make 100 different radio and TV broadcasts at the same time from tower
The architecture of the tower is based on the “Tulip” flower, one of the historical symbols of Istanbul in history
The part of the tower where the observation terrace and restaurant are located is designed to give the air of a tulip bud that will open from the outside.
The two panoramic elevators inside the tower symbolize the two continents of Istanbul, Asia and Europe

Places to be seen from Camlica Tower
Now let’s come to those beautiful Istanbul districts and works that can be seen from the Camlica Tower Observation Terrace;

Firstly, the Bosphorus of Istanbul 
You can also easily choose the Bosphorus Bridges
Historical Peninsula: Fatih, Sultanahmet, Eminonu
Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia
Galata Tower, Galata Bridge and Golden Horn
Dolmabahce Palace, Besiktas and Kabatas
Fenerbahce and Kadikoy Beaches on the Anatolian Side
Of course, the sweetest members of Istanbul, Prince’s Islands
It is possible to see as far as Dragos, Maltepe and Pendik in the far Asian part of the city.