Thermal Retreat in Pamukkale

However Pamukkale(cotton castle) is considered by many foreign and local travellers as a day-only destination, we have decided to give a magic touch and extend this spot with some therapeutic healing treatments just like Romans used to do thousands years ago. This two day sanatory escape of Hierapolis enable you release the stress of your busy city life.Hierapolis meaning ‘’Sacred City’’was famed for its thermal springs mentioned in the Bible as well. Hierapolis which is next to Pamukkale considered to be established by the king of Pergamum, Eumenes the second. The name of the city derive from Hiera and also was the part of tri-city with Colossae and Laodicea by the Lycus River.

During the history, Hierapolis and Necropolis were one of the rare places that many rich people wanted to spend their last days and get buried here right after their death.