Antalya is known by the names of “paradise on earth”, “pearl of the Mediterranean” and “Turkish Riviera”,
Antalya, the turquoise coast, where ancient cities that whisper history, mythology and legends, peaceful green forests and sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea are grouped together, is the best choice for a vacation of sea, sun and beach. The city is a tourist destination that offers infinite alternatives such as beautiful bays and highlands, cultural heritage, clean beaches, marinas and comfortable hotels, lively entertainment venues and festivals full of art. Sunbathe throughout the day, feel the energy of nature playing sports, discover the natural parks with their rich fauna and flora, ancient cities, museums and its old city (Kaleiçi), lose yourself in its mountains and in the mystery of its quiet bays; and at night enjoy an open-air opera, taste the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine and have fun at night parties these are some of the alternatives that the city offers. Meeting hospitable people will make it easier for you to enjoy your holidays in Antalya.

The capital of the Antalya province is a large city on the Turkish Riviera on the southern coast of Turkey. More than half of the province’s inhabitants live in the coastal city. With more than 2 million inhabitants, Antalya is one of the 10 largest cities in Turkey. Situated on a steep coast, the Turkish port city offers a wonderful view over the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya’s important seaport is one of the most important landmarks in the city.

The history of the city of Antalya begins in a pre-Christian era. Along with Alexander the Great, various cultures have occupied and populated the city in the last 2,000 years. For this reason, Antalya has a historic center that unites a wide variety of styles. Antalya is, along with Alanya, Side or Belek, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. For this reason, you will meet many tourists and large holiday complexes directly on the beach of the Turkish port city.

The aforementioned mix of cultures in Antalya makes the coastal city an interesting destination for those interested in history. For this reason, the views of Antalya attract many tourists every year. At the entrance to the old town of Antalya you can admire a bit of Roman decadence: here stands Hadrian’s Gate, built in 130 AD. The gate perfectly symbolizes the fusion of cultures that characterizes Antalya: the two characteristic towers of Hadrian’s Gate were built at completely different times. One tower was built by the Romans, the other by a sultan. Antalya owes another landmark to this sultan: The minaret of the Yivli Minare Mosque, which is located in the historical center of Antalya. Therefore, a visit to the old town of Antalya is a must.

Another must-see is the port of Antalya, which is surrounded by historical walls and lies below the city. A picturesque view of the Antalya coastline is guaranteed from here. Furthermore, this landmark of the city tells its own story: under Seljuk domination, the port went from being a major naval base to a flourishing long-distance trading point. Thus, this place was and is a reason for the wealth of Antalya, under which the city could develop so splendidly. To this day, the port functions as an important transshipment center for textiles, vegetables, fruits, etc.

This view of Antalya is not only one of the oldest and most important places in the city, but also an ideal starting point for boat trips to add a special touch to your historical tour of Antalya.

The mosque and its minaret are a popular postcard motif and the landmark of Antalya. As a visitor to this city, you cannot miss it.

As already mentioned, Hadrian’s Gate presents the history of Antalya and the fusion of cultures in a very special way. Therefore, we advise you to visit this view, partly old, in any case.

Antalya’s beaches are often mixed or stone beaches. As usual on the Turkish Riviera, many beaches are used by hotels. This means that many beach deals are for hotel guests only and some sections of the beach are not walkable for day guests. However, with our help you can find beaches where you can also have a beach vacation as a beach vacationer with no hotel rooms. In the immediate vicinity of the city you will find well-developed service beaches, while nature lovers in a beautiful natural setting in the south-west of Antalya will benefit from your money.

The popular Lara Beach and Örnekkköy Beach offer action, comfort and luxury. Here you will find a wide range of services, but also many other beach tourists. If you prefer more space, privacy and tranquility, but still want comfort, Konyaalti beach is the place for you. Here it is even more crowded than on the other two beaches, but the popular Antalya beach is about 7 km long and therefore offers space for a large number of beach stalls and space for corresponding loungers. Incidentally, we find the best mix of peace, service and local proximity on our Antalya beach.

If you prefer to leave your beach largely unspoilt and secluded, you have to move around a bit in Antalya. It is rewarded with great bays and beaches like Kargicak Plaji. For an experience that allows you to think outside the box, we recommend Topcam Beach. Here you can talk to the locals and spend a day at the beach with them.