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Turkey, as a tourist paradise is still in bucket list of millions of travellers who is asking the similar questions to Google everyday for enjoying what this country has to offer. Thankfully , the problems caused by the traitors nestled within and terrorists who have been sneaked into the country along with the Syrian refugees was overtaken by the precautions and attentive operations of Turkish government and security forces in the recent months.

Unfortunately, Turkey tourism has been affected directly or indirectly due to the flood of migrants who have come with the influence of civil wars in their countries within the last few years which is one of the main bottlenecks of the last decade of all mediterranean countries. But Turkish people still have some faith to accommodate and hug the people who is in need.

You can simply come across so many commentary and accusations that the American, German and British magazines published are not based on any scientific research or a field study, where the data accuracy was not confirmed neither the opinion of the Turkish authorities does not take place and, most of them are incompatible with the reality of today’s Turkey. Constructive criticism is acceptable if you are not agree with something or idea but most of the news having some hostile aims. Some of them turning a blind eye to failed coup attempt occured in 2016 and advocating the God damn traitors who were caught red-handed after killing some 246 innocent people. Similar incidents had happened in different nations in the history and all of them ended up with a massacre. 

Following this betrayal, Turkish government started to investigate the nestled hidden parts to wipe out of government and every corner of country’s bureaucracy and imprison them all lawfully . It was also confirmed by the national intelligence that they have been using an hidden and encoded mobile application to communicate in between followers of this transnational terror network of cells. These murdering psychopaths did all the bloodshed on behalf of their fugitive so called muslim cleric Gulen who has been living in USA since 1999. 

Another one is launching Turkey as a country that is not particularly safe for women travellers is yet another weak link of the coordinated perception operations. Such news and articles are evil-minded and misleading the international public opinion. These speculative publications about Turkey serve different purposes. There is one thing that everyday would agree is that what a single woman doing in a dark back street where even a local Turkish man can not dare to walk in the middle of night? So if she gets killed there by some drifters, then the whole country can not be accused of security. 

On the other hand, due to the new third airport project of Turkey that will offer a fantastic connection point for intercontinental passengers is certainly a big competition and decent downfall problem for other Europeans well known airports. This project itself is causing a lot of international threatening such as investing in Turkey is not safe lies.

Following this short introduction let us tell you some insiders tips, warnings and confessions about your travel in Turkey and way of life. Every country has cultural traditions, gestures and some areas or people to keep away for enjoying your holiday stay safe. We will start to mention below questions and answers that our previous clients asked and will try to update when we have more time to write in the future.

Turkey is a Muslim country?

Turkey is known as a %90 populated Islamic country but unfortunately majority of the citizens are effected by popular culture and are back of beyond the Islamic way of life since the last 80-100 years. You would never believe that you are in a Muslim country unless you hear Adhan(call to prayer) from the minarets of Mosques 5 times a day. More or less 10% of whole population is devotee with a conservative life style. The rest is no other like any European nations. Sometimes strikingly worse with their hard-core way of clothing in woman and man. Consumption level of alcohol is pretty high in some particular areas. Majority of them even can not read and write in Arabic calligraphy that is written in their ancestors’ gravestones. We know its very dramatic but truth. Even in the holy month of Ramadan you can see lots of people who call themselves moderate muslims eating and drinking in the streets without any respect to those who is fasting all day. 

Name of Islam meaning peace, confidence and tranquility. Why all these terrorists are linked with Islam?

Psychopat is psychopat whether its muslim, jewish or non-believer. Conducting an ignorant buffoon is not so difficult for some man. Fooling some of them with money, some of them with victory or offering them the martyrdom so they become a suicide bomber dreaming of going to heaven but ending up in hell as a result according to the sunnah scholars.


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