Visit Istanbul with narrations of Turkish local guides and experience the great cultural heritage from Romans Byzantine Ottomans and Modern Turkish

Coveted by great empires across centuries, spanning Asia and Europe, Istanbul is known as one of the greatest cities which attract a large number of tourists every year from every corner of the world.The city is substantially scattered with wonderful imprints of its ancient and glamorous history, and after visiting the attractions here will astound each and every traveller.

istanbul sultanahmet mosque

There always has been a settlement since early ages due to unique location but the city of Istanbul was has been shaped in 1000 BC, when the Byzantium colony developed into Constantinople and became the capital of Byzantine Empire. Following conquest of this city by Ottomans, it regained its glory as the centre of all activities. The city got its name as Istanbul during the Ottoman era Islambol which means abundant of Islam due to numerous scholars, theological schools, libraries, art crafts such as caligraphy and architectural masterpieces like mosques, palaces, fountains and so on.

Why should you prefer to visit Istanbul with a local Turkey Travel Agency?

The city, due to its location has been the doorway between East and West, while at the same time it is the West’s window on the Orient, Asia as well as the Islamic world. As the city is loaded with history its always recommended to participate some our guided istanbul day tours to cause istanbul’s best qualities to show and get to know. But on the other hand, joining only day trips would not show you everywhere but gives you a general idea where to explore on the following days of your stay in Istanbul with our individual travel packages Turkey

Recent years have seen the city going through another revolution, with the emergence of boutique restaurants, elegant rooftop bars and clubs along the shores of the Bosporus in addition to every class of eateries paying homage to the wonderful Turkish cuisine. Since this vibrant city represents both ancient and modern era, it allures the travellers to flock to the city round the year.

Istanbul comprises of chock-full of historic structures like mosque and monuments, but it also boasts plenty of hip boutiques, fine dining places, and wonderfully designed contemporary boutique hotels that every new age traveller, food lovers, artists and fashion lovers will die for.

Places of attraction in Visit Istanbul

When it comes to sightseeing activities, Istanbul will never disappoint a traveller. Here you will see everything from time-honoured wooden Ottoman houses to tombs, historic fountains, bazaars.

Among them there are certainly particular highlights that you must visit the Topkapi Palace, which was one of the major residences of the Ottoman Sultans for nearly 400 years. Another major attraction is Hagia Sophia. This massive dome is considered to be the epitome of Byzantine architecture and is supposed to have “changed the history of architecture”. Once upon a time, it was the largest covered space in the world as well. Apart from these there are other tourist attractions including, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Cruise on the Bosphorus, Galata Tower, Istanbul Archeology Museum,Islamic Arts Museum, Miniaturk and countless more.

Shoppers Delight
Since Istanbul is the cultural capital of Turkey, shopping here is truly a magnificent experience. Carpets and jewelleries here are outstanding piece of art. If you want to purchase something that would bewilder others after you get back to home, then you can bring pieces of art and antiques especially if you are the one with deep pockets. For the rest of ordinary souvenirs or clothes you can simply find during your visit in regular shopping malls as well as in tiny shops of Grand Bazaar

Places to Stay
If you want to properly enjoy your Istanbul trip, you need to find a decent and reasonable place to stay in. Istanbul has plenty of hotels and accommodations to offer, irrespective of the location you’re just going to land in. Istanbul is adaptable enough to everyone’s budget, as one can have loads of fun here no matter what the budget is. But there are two major touristic area where we select hotels for our clients as they can also access the must-see spots of Istanbul on foot on their free days. One is Sultanahmet(Historical Peninsula) and the other one  Taksim Area. Both area has good quality and low quality hotels but our hand-picked hotels offers the most beneficial and budget options.

Short Escapes to Other Touristic Spots of Turkey

If you have more than one week for your planned holiday in Istanbul, we then suggest you to spare some time to explore a little bit more interior of Turkey with 1 or 2 hour flights one way.

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