Rhodes is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and also the capital of the Dodecanese islands where we you can access easily with our Greece Turkey Tours. According to Greek mythology, was the fruit of the passion between Elios (the Sun god) and the nymph Rhoda (Rose). The history of Rhodes begins in prehistory with the arrival of sailors from neighbouring island of  Crete. Within the history Rhodes has become a port with special importance in the basin of the Mediterranean sea. Here the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the antiquity, it served as a beacon and guide to mariners that came to shores of the island. Rhodes is the island of Zorba the Greek, where Anthony Quinn danced the traditional Syrtaki. Highlights the impressive medieval city of Rhodes, its walls, minarets, palaces and fortifications, and the port of Mandraki.  We put at your disposal a map of Rhodes who no doubt would find it helpful for your trip to Rhodes.

The history of Rhodes is very deep back in time,but takes on special importance with the arrival of the Knights of St. John, expelled from the Holy Land. While you are in the island do not miss to visit castles and fortresses such as  Monolithos. It is worth coming to the town of Lindos with its whitewashed face a far and explore this one of the most beautiful villages of Greece, reaching even to its fortress and visit the Acropolis of Lindos as well.

Medieval city of Rhodes

City of Rhodes
The medieval city of Rhodes is without a doubt one of the most important tourist attractions of the island of Rhodes. Please consult a city map of the medieval city to locate the wall that surrounds it. In its interior one can find the street of the Knights that will take you to the Palace of the Grand Master, the Hospital of the Knights (current Archaeological Museum of Rhodes), continue to the beautiful Mandraki harbour and the impressive ruins of the Cathedral of Burgo. Do not forget to visit the Juderia or jewish quarter to get to their small synagogue Kahal Shalom. For this reason, it is important to review the History of Rhodes and the Knights of St. John.

Rhodes has dozens of kilometre of coastline and beaches of madness and dream. It has something for all tastes, extensive and highly organized or small coves hidden away. The beaches of Rhodes most outstanding are, among others, the beach of Ialyssos, Vlycha Lindos, the beach of Anthony Quinn, Kallithea, Prasonisi or Afandou. Our favorite is the beach of Tsambika which is also known as one of the best beaches of Rhodes. We definitely recommend you to pay a short visit to the small island of Calcium can be accessed on the boats that depart every morning from the port of Emborio.

How to go to Rhodes from Athens by Ferry?

Rhodes is an island pretty far from Athens for a trip on a ferry boat. Such a journey can easily take a few 16 to 18 hours depending on the sea conditions.So we suggest travel by plane but also offer overnight ferry boat with cabin where you enjoy a delightful sea travel in Aegean Sea.

From Rhodes you can also visit nearby Island Symi and also travel to Marmaris Turkey.If you are travelling with a limited time and also intending to visit and see as much island as possible,we suggest you to try our Cruise in Greek Islands and Turkey Travel Package

But without a doubt the most requested connection is definitely from the island of Rhodes to Santorini or Crete (Agios Nikolaos or Heraklion). Both crossings are in need of a night on board. Our sales may take care of this period for you to help travel plannings between these destinations.